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SAFA Expert Meeting - Leiden, The Netherlands
11.11.15 The expert meeting consisted of a one-and-a-half day workshop wit...
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IEM Symposium at the European Nutrition Confe...
30.10.15 The symposium was chaired by Prof Berthold Koletzko, Dr. von Haun...
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ISSFAL2014 dinner debate on saturated fats - ...
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08.10.09 11:16:29 by theiem
For Connie and myself the ICN is over! Looking forward to tweet about other...
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Around the world, health professionals take concrete initiatives to improve fat quality in the diet.
Some country examples
What is best to cook with: butter, olive oil, margarine or sunflower oil?
Cooking habits are very dependent on culture and taste preferences. However, the general advice is...
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